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Hey everyone welcome to On The Chaise Lounge. This is my blog where I will be writing my thoughts on everyday life as I see it. They say the best therapy is writing down your thoughts and getting them out in the world so that is what I am going to do here, and its much cheaper than paying someone to hear my thoughts when I have tons of friends that can chime in and let me know what they think. This is going to be free flowing no real theme, just real random stuff from relationships, to sports, tv shows, the topics are endless. I want to welcome you again and hopefully through you, my followers, so I can get some understanding about the world and hopefully solve my issues.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Macho Men!!!!

   This past weekend I was having dinner with some of my teammate's when I said that I enjoy watching Bridezilla. The next couple of minutes after my dirty little secret was rough.  A lot of laughing, finger pointing and the number 1 question when people don't believe you, "Are you serious?"
 Hell Yea I am SERIOUS; that show brings so much joy and laughter to my Sunday nights, it ranks high on the "Shit Steve Likes" list.  One of my teammate's had my back, well kind of, he said "I watch it but only with my girl".  So this got me to thinking what is wrong with men showing their softer side?  Why do men have to be tough all the time?  Does watching it only with your girl make it acceptable?

     In the old days men weren't supposed to show emotions, never cry, never tell anyone when they were hurt.  They were supposed to just put on a tough face and deal with their pain.  I think the main problem for straight men is that we have a fear of being considered gay.  There is nothing wrong with gay people and hate to bust your bubble not only gay men watch shows like Bridezilla.  I will admit it,  I like Big Brother, anything on Food Network, and Young and The Resless.  I know am far from gay, I have never been considered or mistaken for being gay; well there was this one time in the nail shop this old lady thought I was a girl.  There is nothing wrong with a man watching shows that are geared toward the female audience.  Watching it with your girl doesn't make it acceptable to me in the male community because it makes me think you are extra soft if you are allowing your girl to control the TV.   If you watching it, it's because you want to watch it and you are not man enough to admit you are really caught up into who is getting kicked off Big Brother this week.   

   All I am saying is real men can express their feelings to other and are not afraid to show their softer side.  It shows you are human and for the most part appreciated by everyone. Its just a thought, and get off my back because I am a fan on Bridezilla.



  1. I have a question for you Steve - would you be with a girl that acted like a girl on Bridezilla? Just wondering. And I don't think that the shows you watch make you "soft" or "gay". But the thing about dudes crying - there needs to be a really good reason such as a death or something of that magnitude. Other than that, women don't really need to be comforting men when they're emotional. That's just how I feel.

  2. To answer your question...HELL NO I wouldn't marry any of those women. If you watch the show you will see all the men they are marrying are so weak and allow them to walk over them. Thats the part I find funny the men are a joke. I also agree a woman shouldn't have to cuddle a man all the time but I do think it's good for a man to express what he is feeling and thinking.