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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Commissioner Miles

   "Next WNBA action on Sportscenter..Atlanta Dream v Washington Mystics in the first round of the
WNBA playoff first round from the Verizon Center..."

   WHAT!!!...It's playoff time?  Who is in the playoffs? When did the season end?  These were some of my questions last night as I watched Sportscenter during the WNBA highlights.   It got me to thinking about the WNBA as a league, and quite frankly its a joke.  How are you going to be a legit league if nobody knows anything about the season and the most important time of the year..playoff time.  So I sat in my bed thinking about a few things, I was thinking women's hoop is horrible to watch and nobody wants to see them play cause they lack passion to me, but then I thought about all my female friends that hooped and changed my mind.  Then I had a light bulb moment.... I need to be the Commissioner of the WNBA.  I know I could turn that league around, really make it something that all people would like to watching during the summer months. When people want to watch NASCAR over hoops something is wrong. So for Katie Smurka-Duffy, Kara Lawson, Molly Cramer, Erin Brady, and Tiffany Bell females I have seen do it I am here to save your league.

    First act as Commissioner I will put a face with the league, and who better than mine.  Every league is identified by the commissioner, when you think NBA David Stern, NFL  Roger Goddell, MLB Bud Selig and for the WNBA Steve Miles.  I would get out in the media and really push for my league to get a better televison deal, I am thinking doubleheaders on Saturdays starting at noon and 3:30 on ABC stations with Tuesday and Thursday games.  I would hand pick the announcers for my games, I would get Rebecca Lobo off the sidelines replace her  an up an coming sideline reporter my girl Brooke Weisbrod from Coastal Carolina. She knows the game and looks good on camera. In the booth I would have Cheryl Miller and Nancy Lieberman, who better two women that are legends and are great doing the games.  Would fire Doris Burke, hate her voice and she annoys me so she has to go.  My other broadcast team would be Carolyn Peck, and Mike Breen with Dana Jacobson on the sideline.  This will get viewship up because you have to be able to listen to the commentators and enjoy them.

     Second act as Commissioner is to put voices with my players.  Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker, Tamika Catchings and Cappie Pondexter are hands down the best players in the league but can anyone tell me what their voice sounds like, I will wait................HELL NO YOU CAN'T!! Let alone hear them you probably wouldn't know what they looked like they walked into foot locker with a poster of them on the wall.  I would have these women on every commercial, media blitz, and radio program in the country.  The reason the league falls short is because people can't get behind a player because they don't know them.  Here in DC Alana Beard is the best player but I think she on exist when its game time.  I have never seen her in a club, restaurant, or mall her whole time in the city.  People will know my players when I become commissioner, they will be everywhere getting people to the games.

     Third act as Commissioner is to stop the one sided marketing campaigns.  Ok I know this is women's league, so your target audience is going to be young girls got it, but we have to include everyone in the big picture.  Right now they only market the games to young girls, I think if you broaden the marketing you would get more fans.  I don't think you will get young boys wearing a Lauren Jackson jersey but you might get them to buy a foam team finger and a tee shirt. Father/daughter game. family game, when you give them tickets to girls aau teams, why not give some tickets to boys teams as well, something to include everyone.

    Fouth act as Commissioner is GET PAT SUMMIT AND GENO!!!...These are the two most important people in women's basketball so how I would have to get them be apart of the league.  I would say they can coach a team, Coach K coaches the USA team during the summer so why can't they coach in my league.   Conn. Sun would be Geno's in the summer months, and for Pat I would move a team to Tennessee, the Knoxville Orange Crush would be born.  If you get them to be apart of the league more star power to drive this thing.  Also I would get more people with names to be coaches in my league how much you think it will cost to get Cynthia Cooper and C. Vivan Stringer to leave college and come coach in my league?

    Fifth act as Commissioner is to change the game to more of a Pro game.  24 second shot clock goes into effect, illegal Defense, hate watching "Pros" play rec. league zones plus it opens up the scoring for my stars, just think how many point Diana would get if you had to play her one on one...SCARY!!!, advance the ball to half court on late game Timeouts, get rid of possession arrow on held balls jump everything, cut the draft to 3 rounds from 7, get the sponsors off the front of the jerseys.  That is a good idea I would keep but my team names are going on the front, its sucks watching a game and see "foxwood casino" on the front, that would be moved to the back of the uniforms. Finally, dunks are worth 3 and if you are fouled while completing a dunk you will get 3 points plus the free throw and your team gets the ball back..I will call that the "did she just do that" rule.

This is just the start of my plan, the WNBA needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom.  Right now its like a big summer league for women to stay in shape so they can take their games back overseas. I want us to see the best these women have to offer not this watered down boring hoop that is going on now.  If things don't change there will be no WNBA and I will have to totally become a summer NASCAR fan and start wearing my Tony Stewart tee shirt  I have in my closet.



  1. Something is wrong with you! LOL! But hey, who am I to throw shade on your dream...I say go for it! Just remember me when you make it big!

  2. i say coed basketball!!!

  3. I'm loving the "did she just do that" rule! Okay when you get serious about this...I better have a job waiting for me!!!!