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Hey everyone welcome to On The Chaise Lounge. This is my blog where I will be writing my thoughts on everyday life as I see it. They say the best therapy is writing down your thoughts and getting them out in the world so that is what I am going to do here, and its much cheaper than paying someone to hear my thoughts when I have tons of friends that can chime in and let me know what they think. This is going to be free flowing no real theme, just real random stuff from relationships, to sports, tv shows, the topics are endless. I want to welcome you again and hopefully through you, my followers, so I can get some understanding about the world and hopefully solve my issues.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


  Good Morning…I have really been slacking on my blogs but I am back.  It’s a New Year, so what better way to start 2011 off by talking about whom else…ME!!!  I would like to give a little disclaimer.
  I woke up this wonderful Wednesday morning with a smile on my face,  forget that there was a small dusting of snow on the ground, I had joy and happyness(I know there is supposed to be an I instead of the y) in my heart. Why…because for some reason I just feel extra blessed today.  There are so many people waking up this morning with life-threatening illness, addictions, homeless, unemployed, and shit some people just didn’t get up this morning.  As I got dressed this morning I had to take a second look at myself, and I was very impressed.  It impressed me so much that I had to walk away from the mirror and come back with my glasses on just to see if I was mistaken by the image looking back at me.  Looking at me on the outside was a gentleman that stands 6’2, 219lbs(got to cut back on the ice cold Blue Moons), slightly slanted eyes with a beautiful brown shade, full lips, intimidating broad shoulders but they allow for the best hug.  When combine all that with my curly hair, unbelievably soft hands, a great personality and my light bright complexion…it all equal AMAZING!!! 
  If you are still reading this I will explain my feeling for stroking my own ego today.  Honestly….WHY THE FUCK NOT!!! I get tired of people always making other people feel bad for loving themselves.  They make people feel bad because they don’t have the self love and confidence and like the famous sayings goes “misery loves company”.  Kat Williams said it best when he said “If you don’t think you the shit than nobody else will think you are the shit”.  You have to love yourself, every part of yourself, from your nappy ass head down to your crusty feet, the pimples on your face to the chip in your tooth, you have to love YOU!!  When I stroke my ego I am just pumping myself up for the day.  I think I am the shit all the time for those that know me, but why shouldn’t I think that.  I have been through so much in my life, there have been so many moments where I could have gone off the deep end but the Lord kept me on the right path.  For example…I am not ashamed anymore to admit I was molested as a child, I stayed at home alone at age 6, I stole things, I broke hearts, and countless other things that could have lead to a disaster of a person.  At the end of the day I am blessed by the Lord to forgive my molester and taking all the thoughts of taken his life away from me, for allowing me to be able to survive on my own because I learned at 6 how to do that,  become a stellar athlete, get a college degree, and be an overall wonderful person.  So yes I am THE SHIT and I know it.  If you don’t think so, there is something wrong with you, and I really don’t care. 
  I just came back from the bathroom, looked at myself in the mirror on the way and I have to give thanks to Ken and Sylvia Miles for producing an attractive child.  I know they say beautiful fades but at this moment I think I am getting more handsome by the days.  When and if my looks start to go, I have a great personality to fall back on so I am straight.  Thank you for reading and I think this is a wonderful way to start off 2011 and I will have more shocking blogs to come. Stay tuned…..also I want to give something for my readers to think about so I will have a thought of the day coming as well.


  1. *in my Kevin Hart voice* You are something else! LOL! But it's great you have that self confidence because not everyone has that. I'm extremely proud that you'v forgiven your molester. I know that couldn't have been an easy thing to do but like the bible says, "forgive those that have sinned against you." Always proud of you Hon. Keep stroking that ego ;-)

  2. Yes indeed kid I think you are awesome too......I am glad you woke up feeling good this morning.....keep smiling and moving forward....May God continue to bless you....robin