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Hey everyone welcome to On The Chaise Lounge. This is my blog where I will be writing my thoughts on everyday life as I see it. They say the best therapy is writing down your thoughts and getting them out in the world so that is what I am going to do here, and its much cheaper than paying someone to hear my thoughts when I have tons of friends that can chime in and let me know what they think. This is going to be free flowing no real theme, just real random stuff from relationships, to sports, tv shows, the topics are endless. I want to welcome you again and hopefully through you, my followers, so I can get some understanding about the world and hopefully solve my issues.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Social Networks

 that you can reconnect with people from your past and see how life has been treating them.  It’s also a wonderful place to promote your business, pass the day at work chatting with friend or just laughing at people’s pictures.  The problem I have with social networks is some people do too much.  They put so much of their personal business on their, we don’t care if you have a new man and how wonderful he is to you.  When that lame relationship goes south in a few months you will not put that on your status.  We don’t care if you are having lunch with your bestie at Cosi and you order the chicken caesar salad with blue cheese crumbs. Why are you changing your profile picture every day we know what you look like? Then when someone gets mad at another person, the first thing they do is run to the computer and cut them from the friends list.  Really!!! What is going on with us?
*Social Networks…They are the coolest and most popular thing right now.  I really think it’s a cool idea
   I have been cut from a few “friends” buddy list, it happened most recently; I just want to say to her and everyone reading this IDON’T GIVE A FUCK!!!  I will explain what happen recently, chick at work was doing something she had no business doing.  It was a fucked up plan in the beginning because it was totally obvious what she was doing, and the person that was an accomplice to the crime had already sold her out so it was a matter of time before the shit hit the fan.  Long story short she gets in slight trouble, but the first thing she does is change her status to something about friends stabbing you in the back, and smiling in your face.  Then she goes to cutting me and other co-workers from her buddy list.  It just goes to shows how much social networks are controlling our lives.  She was so pissed that she got in trouble she raced back to her computer just to let the world she felt that someone had stabbed her in the back.  She didn’t even think that damn I had a fucked up plan, with a terrible accomplice, but I am going to be mad that world instead of myself. 
People, there is nothing wrong with social networks, just don’t let it control your life.  Have fun with it, don’t take it so serious.  Keep your personal business to yourself sometimes.  Oh and don’t be a stalker on social networks as well.  I don’t know how many times I have been asked questions because someone saw me in a picture with someone, or I change my dating status.   If you are person that has gotten upset over a picture, or a status you are an ASSHOLE!  In the grown up world people discuss things and asked questions when they don’t understand. You know what they say about assuming?     


  1. COMPLETELY agree. Its moved from just being a lot of fun to practically running people's lives. People are taking Facebook sabbaticals...really???!?!?! Its that deep. And the WORST offenders are anyone who says "Its just Facebook." Those are the friends that I know are obsessive over-users and facebook stalkers. And the people who have to post on other people's walls about how "great it was to see you and hang out with you last night!!" Really??? WHY do we all need to know that you hung out last night, so you seem like you have a life? Oh yeah, you're really cool now...smh

  2. How is having a blog any different from posting stuff on Facebook? Aren't you still telling the world some of your business? -robin